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Physiotherapy and Manual Therapies

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In CIPSA - Mapfre Salud Medical Centre we provide you with an entire department of Physiotherapy and Manual therapies that include the following services:

Evaluation and therapeutic treatment

Here we introduce the musculoskeletal, nervous system, and respiratory work, RTL backache, muscle and tendon specific treatments, ligaments, fascia, joints, capsular,...

  • Treatment of sports injuries:
    Treatment for the best evolution of injury due to sport gestures. Sprains, ligament sprains, muscle tears, tendinitis or pain caused by repetitive movements or bad positions.
  • Treatments for surgery:
    Pre surgery work: preparation for surgery of the locomotor system. Muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia work to correct and better recovery after surgery.
    Postoperative rehabilitation: musculoskeletal treatment based massages to prevent scar adhesions, passive joint mobility, toning exercises, electrical stimulation, drainage and more.
  • Massages:
    Sports: massage techniques aimed at athletes for pre-competition, during competition and after competition effort. Techniques must be specific according to the sports phase where the patient is. These vary in duration, intensity and depth.
    Therapeutic: specific massage techniques according to the pathology presented by the patient. Including contracture relief, circulatory, drainage and massage cyriax for tendon inflammation.


Different types of bandages according to patient need. They can be oriented in order to limit any unwanted movement in sports, (Kinesio Taping).

Therapeutic Gymnastics

Teach the patient or group of patients with different exercises to improve the affected area by breathing, muscle relaxation and strengthening of structures and positions held to improve the statics and dynamics of the whole body.

Post-partum Abdominal Gymnastics

Pelvic floor strengthening by working the abdominal muscles. Suitable for both prevention and treatment of incontinence and also for postural problems.


Focused on total body rebalancing treatment, considering the body as a whole. The 3 aspects that osteopathy includes are:

  • Structural Osteopathy: dedicated to the restoration of the musculoskeletal system and posture, focusing in the spine as its base. Being able to do it with high speed techniques or manipulation, or other techniques such as functional, stretching, MET,...
  • Cranial Osteopathy: ocuses on the treatment of the skull, joints and influence that exists in the central nervous system, blood vessels and cerebrospinal fluid.
  • Visceral Osteopathy: focused on the treatment of visceral organs and improving their irrigation and correct positioning, also addressing the structures that surround them to improve the whole.

Dry Needling

Is used in the treatment of myofascial pain. It is done introducing a thin sterile needle to intramuscular level to find a tense part in order to relax the muscle and reduce pain produced by the excess of tension. Practically without pain and fast improvements.

Neurodynamic treatment

To mobilize the nervous system, both intramedullary and peripheral with mobilization of the trunk or limbs, seeking relaxation and release of irritated areas.


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