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Clinical Psychology

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The Psychology department in CIPSA aims to provide patients with quality care that enables them to successfully address the most complex life situations and help them achieve their personal welfare.

Our Psychology department serves both adults and young children, and works with different intervention techniques to tackle more effectively the problems or the situations presented by patients or service users.

Adult Psychology

Depending on the situation, the problems or disorders to be treated, our professionals will offer you the methods of intervention, follow-up or most appropriate training.

  • Psychotherapy

Recommended when there is dysfunctional involvement, that is, when the person does not feel good or problems affect even the personal, social, labor areas, etc.

  • Counseling

It is recommended when a person is immersed in personal, social or work processes where indecision, uncertainty, confusion or difficulties of adaptation are present and for which you need professional advice so that they can manage.

  • Coaching

It is recommended when the person needs to incorporate, amend or extend own resources or skills that allow them to develop their work or professional activity with guarantees, or simply wanting to improve their skills in relation to a specific personal or social aspect.

Issues we take care of:

  • Individual Processes:
    • Anxiety, panic attacks, stress
    • Phobias
    • Changes in mood
    • Somatizations
    • Depression
    • Confusion, emptiness
    • Loss of vital sense, existential crisis
    • Mourning
    • High perfectionism, obsessions
    • Compulsive behaviors
    • Low self-esteem, insecurity
    • Adaptive Disorders
    • Maternity, paternity (infertility, difficulties in the role, etc.)
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Relationship problems
    • Concerns related to the couple (break ups, infidelities, jealousy, emotional dependency, assault, etc.), which can be treated individually
    • Sexual dysfunction (premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, erection problems, lack of orgasm, lack of desire, pain, hatred, addictions, etc.)
    • Sexual Information
    • Interpersonal conflicts without clinical incidence
    • Conflicts before making decisions
    • Career Advice
    • Adapting to new environments
    • Adjustment vital changes
    • Etc.
  • Couple Issues (sessions with both persons at a time):
    • Communication Problems
    • Difficulties in solving conflicts, frequent arguments
    • Crisis and ruptures
    • Infidelity
    • Routine
    • Difficulties in establishing relationships
    • Jealousy control
    • Infertility
    • Illness, injury or accident of one of the two members
    • Personal development according to objectives or challenges
    • Training of communicative and relational skills
    • Facing major challenges
    • Achievement of objectives
    • Improved labor/sports/academic performance...
    • Etc.

Child and Adolescent Psychology

The process of maturation and learning during childhood and adolescence is very important for the proper development of the individual. This department has the task of guiding the families dealing with the problems that can distort the course of this stage of life, both in the behavioral, emotional and cognitive level.

Issues we take care of:

  • Diagnosis and psychotherapeutic treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders
    depression, anxiety disorders, mood problems gives, ADHD,...
  • Diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders and learning difficulties
    dyslexia, SLD (Specific Language disability), dyscalculia, stuttering...
  • Diagnosis and treatment of mental capacity and higher capacities
    Mental retardation, Gifted...
  • Diagnosis and treatment of self-esteem issues and relationship
    insecurities, fears, poor social skills, low frustration tolerance,...

In all cases a guidance and family counseling will take place and if necessary, follow up with the school.


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