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Radiesse facial filler


Recover the lost volume of your face

Over the years our face losing volume in certain areas. With the technique of filling Radiesse these alterations will improve quickly and safely, with immediate results.

What is the treatment?

This treatment involves a filler skin (ie, a dermal filler) used to mitigate the effect of wrinkles and folds, especially facial, but also other areas of the body such as hands.

It is done by injection with a very fine needle. With a small infiltration of the product we see as the volume lost is recovered immediately. After infiltrating the product, the doctor proceeds to molded to suit the needs and anatomical characteristics of the patient and fill in the desired areas. The duration of treatment is about 30 minutes and a topical anesthetic cream is applied.

One of its advantages in the aesthetic world is that it is a treatment that the vast majority of cases does not require testing prior to administration allergies, as it is basically composed of microparticles calcium hydroxyapatite, a component that is of naturally in our body. Such particles are dissolved in a gelatinous solution is administered to the patient when subjected to a Radiesse treatment.

Areas to be treated

Can be treated completely face: cheeks, dark circles, jaw lines and wrinkles, furrows corner of her mouth...

What results we get and for how long?

The results are immediate, improving elasticity and skin tone, regaining volume and strength, reshaping the oval and eliminating facial wrinkles. The maximum effect is achieved between 2 and 6 months after treatment by getting induce collagen stimulation. The duration of treatment effects is approximately 1 year. To improve results, it can also be combined with other treatments such as hyaluronic acid, botox, peeling, etc...

Radiesse before after


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